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Prime Hydration UFC 300 Bottle (500ml) - IN HAND NOW!

Prime Hydration UFC 300 Bottle (500ml) - IN HAND NOW!

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🥊 Introducing the Prime Hydration UFC 300 Bottle - 500ml. The official sponsor of the UFC has now created a collaboration for the huge milestone ‘UFC 300’ .

💦:This bottle is designed to provide prime hydration, featuring a sleek and durable design that's perfect for athletes and non-athletes alike. With a convenient capacity of 500ml, you can easily stay hydrated throughout your day without worrying about constant refills.

🔥:The Prime Hydration UFC 300 Bottle is crafted with premium materials that are both sturdy and stylish. Its construction guarantees long-lasting use without any spills or leaks, ensuring that you can enjoy your beverage wherever you go. The bottle's secure lid provides a tight seal to prevent any unwanted spills while also making it easy to open with just one hand. The bottle shapes may vary. 


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