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Prime Hydration ‘Aaron Judge’ WHITE DESIGN USA Bottle (500ml) - PRE ORDER

Prime Hydration ‘Aaron Judge’ WHITE DESIGN USA Bottle (500ml) - PRE ORDER

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Introducing 'Prime Hydration Aaron Judge,' the perfect hydration juice drink for sports enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. This special edition is in collaboration with Aaron Judge, the world-famous baseball player.


This juice drink has a refreshing taste that will keep you energized throughout your day without any added sugar or artificial flavors. It's an excellent alternative to sugary sports drinks, making it ideal for individuals who want a healthier option.


Expected Delivery: Early June

However we may receive delivery earlier than expected, in which of course we will begin shipping!

Any items ordered alongside this pre order product will be held and shipped together. 

We cannot offer refunds on pre order product due to basing our stock count on the demand of customers. 

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