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Feastables - Mr Beast Feastables

Feastables - Mr Beast Feastables

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Mr Beast Bars are Extremely fragile. We always bubble wrap all bars when preparing the products for postage but we cannot guarantee that the bars will not get broken during transit. Please take care not to break the bars when opening them from the wrapping as they are as said extremely fragile.

Feastables is on a mission to change the way you snack. We’ve created delicious snacks with ingredients you can trust. Founded by YouTubes MrBeast Jimmy Donaldson, our chocolate will not only make your day, but it will leave you wondering how you can get your hands on even more and especially to try some other Flavours of the Mr Beast Range. Blended to make smooth, creamy, and delicious chocolate candy, Feastables bars will melt in your mouth with every bit.

It was important to the co-founders to create Feastables' first chocolate bars with minimal ingredients.

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